The Secret About Miniature Art

By Carol Rosinski

The secret about miniature art is the intense sense of intimacy that is experienced, when you hold a piece in your hand. When a piece of art is so small that it can rest in the palm of your hand, you are being gently invited to bring it a little closer to your eyes. You bow your head a bit and bring your hand nearer to your face. This is a very intimate pose. At this moment, you have let the piece of art enter into a vulnerable personal area. You would never hold anything dangerous that close to your face. This is the way you would hold a butterfly or a small kitten; very gently and close. Holding a piece of art in this way relaxes you and actually creates a bond between you and the art work. 

Miniature art is a gift, a treasure, a secret and special friend. It is not loud or demanding. It does not shout its presence to the world. Rather, it waits quietly for you to pick it up and admire it.

Published with permission by Carol Rosinski 

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