The History & Relevance of Miniature Art

The Origins of the Portrait Miniature

Portrait miniatures, and the technique of painting miniatures, started with calligraphy, which led to the art of producing illuminated manuscripts; the embellished hand written books of medieval times and earlier, in Western Europe.

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Painted Initials – 13th Century

How and with what Materials have Initials been Painted in 13th Century Books? Many years ago I visited the old monastery Altzella in Saxony / Germany and found this display of materials to paint initials in books of the 13th century and took the photographs in this article.

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The German Artist Albrecht Durer

The very famous German artist Albrecht Dürer, born in 1471 in Nuremberg within the Holy Roman Empire, is well known for his paintings and printmaking – especially Wood Cuts and Copper Engravings at the time of the High Renaissance. Miniaturist?

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