The German Artist Albrecht Durer – A Miniature Artist?

Selfportrait at 26 in 1498
Oil on Panel 52 x 41 cm 20,4 x 16,1‘‘

The very famous German artist

Albrecht Dürer,

born in 1471 in Nuremberg in the Holy Roman Empire, is well known for his paintings and printmaking – especially Wood Cuts and Copper Engravings at the time of the High Renaissance.

And yes – there are 55 Copper Engravings (as listed in Wikipedia), which would qualify today as miniatures.

Dürer died in 1528 in Nuremberg.

Selfportrait at 28 in 1500
Oil on Lime 67 x 49 cm 26,4 x 19,2‘‘

The Small Courier, 1496
Copper Engraving
Size 11 x 7,8 cm /4,33 x 3,07‘‘

Peasant Couple Dancing, 1514
Copper Engraving
Size 11,7 x 7,4 cm / 4,61 x 2,91‘‘

Three Peasants in Conversation, 1496
Copper Engraving
Size 10,8 x 7,7 cm /4,25 x 3,03‘

In one of his engravings (not shown on this page) you can see a magic square. Each line (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) adds up to 34.

If you like to find out about the orderliness of numbers – here you have the square and 4 numbers to help.

Use all numbers from 1 to 16 …

… or go to the result at Hints, Tips & More. 

All pictures relating to Albrecht Dürer on this page are Public Domain.

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