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Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers.
The Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C, U.S.
Miniature Art Society of Florida, U.S.
The Hilliard Society of Miniaturists, UK.
Cider Painters of America, U.S.
Society of Limners.
Miniature Art Society, South Africa.


The Snow Goose Gallery
Seaside Art Gallery
The MonDak Heritage Center

Sierra Artists Gallery

Art Supplies

Polymers Plus Supplies

Mini Art Supply


The Practice of Painting in Enamel

By Gillie Hoyte Byrom

Modern Masters of Miniature Art In America

By Wes Siegrist

Wes put all the scholarly content online in a blog and has made subsequent updates to this book since the 2010 publication date. The published book can be downloaded for free online too.

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A Private Portrait Miniature Collection:
Portrait Miniatures from Barry Hayes:
Dealer & Collector


Eva Buksa
Gillie Hoyte Byrom
Nicos W. Dettmer
Peter Hayton
Debra Keirce
Eric Kincaid
Cathleen Martinetto
Bill Mundy
George Politis
Linda Rossin
Joyce Rowsell
Wes & Rachelle Siegrist
Akiko Watanabe
Marion Winter
Hanna Woodring
Diana Wyles

Editors Note

A very special “Thank You” goes to Roger and Carmela Arturi Phillips for their excellent biography on Edward Dyas, accompanied by some of his unique miniatures which are in their collections. So far – too little was known about this most outstanding Australian artist and miniaturist.

Marion Winter.