Artist In Focus

Christian Rzyski

Old Stones and Natural Heritage in Miniature

Born on June 17, 1955 in Charleroi, a city south of Brussels / Belgium.


Architectural designer specialized in perspective. Practiced mainly in architectural offices.
Retired since December 2018

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany, 14 x 10,4 cm / 5,5 x 4,1 “

Ry de Rome Lake – Couvin, Belgium
9 x 6 cm / 3,5 x 2,4 “

Rocamadour, France
12 x 8 cm / 4,7 x 3,1 “


A single term: Precision !
A cell that I have been constantly confronted with in my life. A molecule integrated into my soul and which has conditioned my journey. Perspective, professional speciality and by extension my artistic activity contributed to this objective of precision.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber –
The old Forge, Germany
9 x 6 cm /3,5 x 2,4 “

Fussen, Germany
10,5 x 7 cm / 4 x 2,7 “

The Viroin in Treignes / Belgium
12 x 6,5 cm / 4,7 x 2,5 “

By professional deformation, architecture attracts my attention and especially that of the middle ages. I am passionate about old stones and nature. The heart of the VIROIN–HERMETON Natural Park area, in which I live at the french border, is full of these natural treasures.

I had the immense advantage of being able to work full time as an artistic designer in an Ecology Center in the Viroin Valley (1982— 1987) and thus be able to discover this magnificent region, which is home to two of the most beautiful villages in Belgium:


This area has become my main
source of inspiration, but also
for discovery trips and

Pesmes / France
10,5 x 10,5 cm / 4,1 x 4,1″

Notre-Dame de Paris / France – 8 x 12 cm / 3,1 x 4,7 “





Exclusively in extra professional activities. Drawings and gouache paintings on
black paper from the age of 8. First competition through primary school around
the age of 10. Proud of my work but not necessarily satisfied with the result. From
then on I persisted in mastering this gouache material to achieve a personal
technique around the age of 17.



In the Fog
6 x 6 cm / 2,4 x 2,4 “

Punta de St. Lourenco – Madera – Portugal
4,8 x 9 cm / 1,9 x 3,5 “

Artistic designer as a part of the VIROIN-HERMETON Natural Park Project.
Numerous illustrations in black china ink and gouache.
Design realisation of a tourist brochure in collaboration with
Preparation of the annual exhibition at the “MAISON DU PARC”.
COMICS PERIOD 1984 – 1992
Two short stories were published by LOMBARD editions / BRUSSELS.
Second prize of the competition organized by the city of LIEGE / BELGIUM as a part
of the theme of LANDRU.
Noticed by HELYODE editions / BRUSSELS. It‘s editor in chief offers me a publication
of a series of album on the theme of “ATLANTIS”. Wonderful project but finally
aborted regardles of my will.

Ruine of the Old Abbey / Belgium
12 x 6,5 cm / 4,7 x 2,5 “

Port Vendre, France
10,5 x 7 cm / 4 x 2,7 “

Couvin – The Old City / Belgium
8 x 12 cm / 3,1 x 4,7 “

Antalis / Composition
7 x 7 cm / 2,7 x 2,7 “

After this failure, resumption of gouache paintings to devote a few hundred hours to it the future.
First exhibitions and instant success rewarded with several prizes. Maniac of precision, I perfected
and refined my personnel technique for my next goal: the miniaturisation of my works.
Following the “SOCIETE DES ARTISTES FRANCAIS / PARIS” exhibition (1995), I am invited to exhibit
with the Miniature Society “SAMAP FRANCE”. This decisive step opens the international doors of
miniature painting to me with great success.

CFV 3V Railway
Viroin Valley / Belgium
9 x 4,8 cm / 3,5 x 1,9 “

Total: more than 100

Supreme Distinctions (Choice):
Miniature Artists of America, MAA Signature Member, USA
GOLD MEDAL – Mérite et Dévouement Français MDF, PARIS / FRANCE
“BEST OF SHOW ANY MEDIUM” Award, World Federation of Miniaturist Exhibition

Member of Miniature Art Societies:
MASF Florida, USA / MPSGS Washington DC, USA / CPA Dallas PA, USA
Adhérent Member: Académie “ARTS – SCIENCES – LETTRES” ASL PARIS / FRANCE
Member of the Jury for the Prestigious Art Competition and Virtual Exhibition “TORSO 2021”

Favourite Painter:
Victor Vasarely – The Master of Precision

Additional Informations:
Personal website:

Manatee – Lucky Charm
6 x 6 cm / 2,4 x 2,4 “

© All Artwork, Photographs and Text: Christian Rzyski, Belgium