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"The path to excellence is made smoother when we support each other." Poh Yu Khing


I founded ICMA as a worldwide platform for providing promotion and support of Miniature Art and I hope that this will encourage many artists to join this new community.

My name is Marion Winter, I am the editor. I was born in Dresden, Germany, and am currently living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

I have been painting miniatures since more than 20 years. After a successful start by receiving a “Highly Commended“ in my first exhibition, I felt very motivated to carry on. Shortly after I joined the “ASMA – Australian Society of Miniature Art, Qld. Inc.“. I served as Secretary, President and Exhibition Manager for several years. This included organizing touring exhibitions containing 200 Australian Miniatures, which were sent to several galleries in Germany.

Marion Winter
Founder, ICMA
I paint in a traditional realistic style, mostly landscapes in oil, but also greatly enjoy escaping into the world of Surrealism.

As a member of many miniature art societies in the UK and US, I appreciate of being able to send small parcels containing my work to Miniature Art Society exhibitions worldwide as well as to regional galleries.

“Check Mate” by Marion Winter
Oil on Lanavanguard
6 x 9 cms / 2,36 x 3,54 “

Editors Note

A very special “Thank You” goes to Roger and Carmela Arturi Phillips for their excellent biography on Edward Dyas, accompanied by some of his unique miniatures which are in their collections. So far – too little was known about this highly talented Australian artist and miniaturist.

Furthermore I thank Roger and Carmela for the outstanding contributions to this website with “The Origins of the Portrait Miniature” and “Photographing Miniature Paintings”. Thanks to their photographic knowledge and equipment, the complete exhibitions of the RMS and Hilliard can be admired on the websites of these Societies for 1 year at a time.

Marion Winter 

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